Rich, warm voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a kind heart all come through in Paul Gerard's music. Seattle born performing songwriter sings of the Pacific NW and exotic places and love songs from around the world.


Rich vocals, compelling lyrics and moving music. Each cut on Paul Gerard's album offers you this triad. Throughout "My House is Orange" you will find a unique melding of voice, thought and instrument that is at once eye-opening and healing.

Paul's work, brought to fullness by producer Dimitri J. and Platter Cat Productions in Seattle, takes listeners into a world of inspiration – as intimate as one man's heart.

C & P Coffee House • July 2016

Condor - Paul Gerard

Condor - Original Studio Recording Available on Bandcamp

Here in This Harbor - Paul Gerard

"Oh what a life it is, oh what a world we share,

Oh what a miracle it is just to be here, now, just to be

Sharing the treasure, the fabric of life, a tapestry vision before our own eyes."

Paul Gerard, Lyrics: "Oh What a Life It Is"


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